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<!-- Load Required Dependencies -->
<script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>
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<script src="js/jquery.smoothDivScroll.js"></script>
<link href="css/jquery-ui.css"/>

<!-- Load jQuery Stock Ticker Files -->
<script src="js/jquery.stockticker.js"></script>
<link href="css/jquery.stockticker.css"/>

<!-- Instantiate jQuery Stock Ticker -->
<div class="stockTicker"></div>

jQuery Stock Ticker Options : Top ▲
Keeping with plugin non-conformance, the jQuery Stock Ticker options are applied by setting the data-options attribute in the element's markup with successive options separated by a semi-colon (;) ...

<div class="stockTicker"
data-options = " [option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] "
data-blank = " [value] "
data-brand = " [value] "

defaultSymbols [str] : Top ▲
Comma separated list of stock symbols to fetch at start up @ values  : list of valid stock symbols
@ default : ^DJI, ^NASD, ^NYSE, ^SP500, ^TSX

defaultFields [str] : Top ▲
Comma separated list of stock ticker fields to display at start up @ values  : name, symbol, price, change, volume
@ default : name, price, change

autoScroll [bool] : Top ▲
Automatically scroll ticker at start up @ values  : true, false
@ default : true

throttle [int](ms) : Top ▲
Number of miliseconds to recall quote list @ values  : valid integer
@ default : 300000

jQuery Stock Ticker Advanced Options : Top ▲
Along with the data-options attribute, there are two separate attributes used for setting advanced options. data-blank and data-brand are each strings whose values define the jQuery Stock Ticker's display of specific criteria ...

<div class="stockTicker"
data-options = " [option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] ;
[option] : [value] "
data-blank = " [value] "
data-brand = " [value] "

data-blank [str] : Top ▲
Ticker display if response from symbol query is null or blank @ values  : valid string (including markup)
@ default : blank string
@ example ...
data-blank="<span class='tickerSymbol' data-symbol='N/A'><span class='tickerName'>jQuery Stock Ticker by</span></span>"

data-brand [str] : Top ▲
White Label Branding to display when Ticker About button clicked @ values  : valid string (including markup)
@ default : see White Label Branding on the left of this page
@ example ...
<msgItem value='aboutMe' headerText='About'>
<img src='images/avatar.png' />
<span>jQuery Stock Ticker (ver: 2.03)</span>
<span>© 2011 - 2013</span>
<span>Contact :</span>

Ticker Menu : Top ▲
When the mouse cursor is positioned over the jQuery Stock Ticker, a row of menu buttons appears over the right side of the element. Each ticker menu button, when clicked, performs a pre-defined function.

Change Directions : Top ▲
When clicked ... changes scrolling direction of the jQuery Stock Ticker.

Increase Speed : Top ▲
When clicked ... increases scrolling speed of the jQuery Stock Ticker.

Decrease Speed : Top ▲
When clicked ... decreases scrolling speed of the jQuery Stock Ticker.

Pause : Top ▲
When clicked ... pauses scrolling of the jQuery Stock Ticker.

Play : Top ▲
When clicked ... continues scrolling of the jQuery Stock Ticker.

Stock Ticker Options : Top ▲
When clicked ... displays a dialog for setting the jQuery Stock Ticker options such as ticker fields to display, and stock symbols to fetch.

About jQuery Stock Ticker : Top ▲
When clicked ... displays a dialog whose content was previously defined by the data-brand setting.

Ticker Symbol Charts : Top ▲
Clicking on any Ticker Symbol Zone (between separators •), will display a dialog with assorted charts for that symbol. An example of the available charts can be seen to the left or by clicking ... Example Chart.

Instantiate Countdown Timer
from default 1 hour

<div class="countDownTimer"></div>
Instantiate Countdown Timer
from 32 hours, 15 minutes, 59 seconds

<div class="countDownTimer"
data-options="format:'HMS'; from:'+32h +15m +59s'"
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